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Have you ever heard of JustPlay?

It’s one of many cash-reward apps that claim to let you earn cash by playing games.

So, is it any good? What can you expect to earn?

Here’s our first look at JustPlay. The following should not be considered a complete review, but we’ll get to that another time.

What is JustPlay?

JustPlay logo

JustPlay describes itself as a loyalty program for gamers. Unlike Blitz, it’s not a host of games. But it will point you in the direction of games you can play (by Gimica Games) to earn cash rewards.

These games include:

  • Bubble Pop: Wild Rescue
  • Balls Versus Blocks
  • Merge Blasters
  • Treasure Masters
  • Solitaire Verse
  • Wooden Puzzle Bliss
  • Chef’s Quest: Match Sensation
  • Mad Smash

Overall, JustPlay’s system is very simple – play games and earn rewards. Nothing to it, right? Well…

Trial Run

Gamica Games

Getting started with JustPlay is easy. You might think otherwise, given that you need to install separate game apps to earn loyalty rewards, but this process is straightforward too.

The games are fun and honestly addicting in a bad way, so users beware. You can end up losing precious hours playing games and earning very little in the process (i.e., you might be better off sending out resumes to better-paying employers).

Anyway, not all games are created equal. You can play any game to begin earning loyalty rewards (you’ll get notifications as they stack up, and they do stack up fast), though I found out relatively quickly that it’s possible to earn rewards faster by playing certain games over others. I had the best luck with Merge Blasters, though you may have a different experience.

Merge Blaster

You can earn loyalty rewards fast by playing Merge Blaster.

Full disclosure – I could have published this first look last week already, but I kind of ended up getting hooked on the routine of playing the games at night when I had little else to do and ended up earning a little more money as a result.

One thing I do like about JustPlay is how simple it is. They don’t force you into completing a bunch of different tasks. They don’t arbitrarily hinder your progress with consumable “energy” that gets used up with each game you play, and they don’t constantly urge you to make in-game purchases either.

All you do is install JustPlay, install the Gimica game you want to play, and you’re off to the races.

Is it Legit?

PayPal Cashout

In about a week, I managed to earn $9.80 CAD and cashed out on PayPal successfully.

Yes, JustPlay is legit, and it may even be one of the better platforms we’ve looked at so far. It’s simple and fair.

That said, you’ve still got to weigh it against other opportunities to see if it stacks up. If you’ve got a $50 musical performance at the bar, a $100 pet-sitting gig across town, or even just $30 to mow a lawn, those will probably still be better options than JustPlay.

The Verdict

Overall, you can earn money faster and more reliably with JustPlay versus Freecash or Blitz. So far, it is the most efficient income-earning app or platform we’ve looked at.

That said, it’s still not going to put a lot of cash in your pocket. Gaming for three hours per night might net you a total of $10 to $15 per week. Yeah, it might be okay for a quick coffee date. But it’s still not a viable side hustle.

Summarily, this is not a better way to survive. If anything, you could easily end up losing valuable time to game addiction. If you’re choosing between JustPlay, Freecash, or Blitz, I would recommend JustPlay, but that’s not saying much.

Do you have any experience with JustPlay? Let us know in the comments!