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Lately, it seems like the app stores are getting inundated with cash-reward apps like Blitz.

As you’re looking for ways to bring in a little extra money in your free time, you will probably come across many apps like it.

But is Blitz any good? Does it stand above the rest?

The following is not a comprehensive review, but rather a first look at Blitz. Here you will find my first impressions of the app and whether it can deliver a worthwhile income to you. A full review will come later.

What is Blitz – Win Cash?

Blitz – Win Cash

Blitz is an Android- and iOS-compatible app featuring a handful of games you can play to earn some money.

The app has high ratings on the App Store but isn’t as liked on Google Play.

I’m counting 16 games you can play (like Bingo, Solitaire, and Match 3), but the developers may swap new games in and out on occasion.

The games are nicely presented, but they do feature a bit of a “seen it before” aesthetic, which could be because it’s the same developer pumping out cash-reward apps, or because they’re utilizing plug-and-play app elements.

Trial Run

Blitz games

You’ve got an array of games to choose from.

As with any app, Blitz is easy to install and get up and running.

Like many apps of its kind, it adopts mechanics like:

  • Finite “energy” reserves to play games. In this case, it’s blue diamonds or cash. Both forms of “energy” are used to enter competitions with other players. You can win additional energy with each game you play, but only if you’re one of the top three players in the running. To be fair, it’s usually easy to land in the top three, but you can still run out of energy and end up waiting for rewards unless you want to watch ads.
  • An RPG-style “level-up” system. It seems many games of their kind use this mechanic to track how far a user gets in how many days. Most Freecash rewards are contingent on this factor, while Blitz uses it for bonuses.
  • Collectible cards. I have seen this mechanic in at least three games now, and I have no idea what it’s for. Further exploration is required.
Spending energy

You’ve got to spend energy to participate in the games.

Blitz has the occasional contest you can enter for free to earn additional income. But you’re up against a larger group of players, making the competition quite fierce.

So far, my experience has been that you can earn money more efficiently with Blitz versus Freecash, but that’s not saying much. As noted earlier, you must spend money to enter some competitions, and if you don’t win, you can quickly lose whatever earnings you’ve built up.

If you do end up checking out Blitz, I will advise you to beware of one thing. If the game asks for a “deposit,” it means it’s going to withdraw money from your account. If you want your earnings to go to your account, you must use the “withdraw” feature instead.

I say this is important because the game will seemingly present you with random opportunities (popups) to add money to your account, but what it’s really asking you to do is supply that money.

And, for better or for worse, it seems like you can’t expect to earn much if you don’t spend something. That tends to be the nature of the beast, but your earnings might only balance out your spending, and there is still the chance that you will lose everything you spend.

So, I’m not sure if this is a whole lot better than gambling, though I know some people do well at online poker.

Is it Legit?

In-game experience

The in-game experience is very decent.

I don’t have any reason to believe it isn’t. But Blitz doesn’t exactly make it easy for you to earn cash. You will probably make more in less time with Blitz than with Freecash, but that’s not saying much.

The Verdict

This is not a full review, so I will reserve my judgment for now. I will continue to test Blitz. Even so, I can’t see it being a better way to survive.

It’s very unlikely that you will earn anything close to the minimum wage on Blitz, let alone $200 per day.

You expect most cash-reward apps to be “pie in the sky” anyway, but it’s always disappointing when yet another app fails to deliver on its advertising promise.