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Hello, and welcome to Better Ways to Survive.

Not to “cut to the chase,” but…

Are You Going Through Some Tough Times Financially?

If so, you’re not alone, and it’s not your fault.

Gallup News reports that 61% of people in the U.S. are going through financial hardship because of recent price increases.

In Canada, one in four Canadians is unable to cover an unexpected expense of $500, according to Statistics Canada.

Things are tough and they’re only getting tougher.

The way things are going, it’s not just college kids who need to “make a few extra bucks on the side.”

Even working-class adults are feeling the crunch.

Looking for Ways to Make Money Online Can Leave You Feeling Even Worse…

How many times have you read articles like “40 easy ways to make money online?”

It’s been my experience that most people reading this type of content are looking to make more than a few quick bucks to spend on Starbucks this weekend.

But do a little digging, and you’ll discover quickly that answering surveys, reviewing music, or app testing will only earn you a few cents a pop (if that)!

It’s nice that you can make some cash on the side…

But good luck earning anything resembling minimum wage taking on these types of tasks.

That’s Why I Created This Website

Just like you, I’ve gone through tough times financially, and I know it sucks…

I’ve had to scrape and claw for money numerous times.

I know what it’s like – your plummeting self-image, the sleepless nights, the desperation – all of it.

That’s why I created this website:

To go out and test an array of websites and side hustles and report on the results…

That way, you can avoid all the nonsense while homing in on the few things that WORK.

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